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Garnets and Rubys and Kunzite Oh My

I never met a gemstone I didn’t love.  While channel surfing I stumbled on one of many jewelry shopping channels available.  It reminded me of one I use to watch, GemsTV, which had a reverse auction format.  This one hails under the banner of Liquidation Channel.  They too use the reverse auction format.  While I wasn’t quite as entertained by the LC  hosts as the GTV hosts, I decided to give it a go as it were.  During the time I spent with LC, they went from sterling silver accented with agate to 4A tanzanite set in 950 platinum surrounded by substantial diamonds.   Now that is what I call running the gamut.  The prices were better than reasonable.  You just have to sit through the cheesy to get to the best of the best.  Reminds me of what my Pastor always says.  “You have to buy the field to get the treasure”.   Well, that’s to be sure with LC.

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Retired produce shipper. Loves God, Elvis, Dallas Cowboys and Alfred Hitchcock. My husband and I love to travel and are involved in conservative politics. I enjoy cooking and entertaining friends and family. We have nine grandchildren and a yard full of wonderful dogs.

One response to “Garnets and Rubys and Kunzite Oh My

  1. cheryl ⋅

    hey there. I love gemstones also. Must look at your collection againg

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