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The Weiner Mobile

I expect to see a new bus tour roll out any day now.   The “Anthony” Weiner Mobile.   Instead of an Oscar Meyer hotdog…….well,  you fill in that thought!!  I get a little queasy just thinking about it.  This is just another liberal caught  with his pants down, sorry but I couldn’t resist that one.  And of course the lame stream media are there to aid and abet. Well, let’s wait and see how this plays out.  I will stay on the case!  Just a small sidebar,  is it just me or does Weiner look like his name?

About debralmcbryde

Retired produce shipper. Loves God, Elvis, Dallas Cowboys and Alfred Hitchcock. My husband and I love to travel and are involved in conservative politics. I enjoy cooking and entertaining friends and family. We have nine grandchildren and a yard full of wonderful dogs.

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