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While engaging in some idle chatting during a coffee klatch some time back, something remarkable was said.  Although at the time I chalked it up to a “what else is new” attitude, I have decided it needs to be addressed.  Someone, whom shall remain nameless, commented on the American Flag.  How did the flag design come to be?  OK, I’ll bite. “How did it come about”?  I quipped jokingly.  Much to my chagrin, Nameless jumps right in…..”I don’t know, I thought you might”.

Well, dear readers, I can’t remain silent.  I must speak.  If you don’t know how many stripes and why are on the American Flag, if you don’t know why a certain number of stars are stitched boldly on that sea of blue.  If you don’t know who the 16th President was or the 1st for that matter.  If you think The Fourth of July is just another day to party.  That February 22, later changed to the third Monday in February, is for you and yours to stock up on linens.  Do this country a hugh favor……DON’T VOTE!!!  

And dear readers if you think I’m going to give you the answers to the aforementioned, you’re wrong.  Those you will have to ferret out on your own.  That is if you are self motivated enough to do so.  For  those of you that already know the answers….GO VOTE….With my blessing.  Oh, by the by, I don’t even drink coffee.

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Retired produce shipper. Loves God, Elvis, Dallas Cowboys and Alfred Hitchcock. My husband and I love to travel and are involved in conservative politics. I enjoy cooking and entertaining friends and family. We have nine grandchildren and a yard full of wonderful dogs.

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