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Take a Break

If you need to take a break from this seasons’ political massacre, I have just what the doctor ordered.  A show I began watching when I was a mere preteen.  “Mr. Ed” will tickle your funny bone and bring a genuine smile to your face.  I discovered this charming program in reruns on Hallmark Channel a few months back and started recording and saving episodes on my dvr.  Bill and I watch together and can’t help but feel anything except lighthearted after each one.  Ed, a striking palomino, even in black and white.  Wilbur Post, the only human Ed has deemed worthy of talking to, is really quite the opposite.  Just when you think Ed can’t cause any more trouble for Wilbur, well think again.  This wonderful show aired from 61′ to 66′ and stared a beautiful palomino named Bamboo Harvester.  His baritone voice was provided by Allan Lane, a B-movie cowboy whose only claim to fame was in being the husband Barbara Bel Geddes murders in an episode of “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” titled “Lamb to the Slaughter”.  Alan Young played Wilbur Post, the bumbling architect who, by the by, never seems to design anything.  Of course you really don’t notice because you are enjoying yourself much to much to question the things that really don’t make sense…..Come on, a talking horse!!  That’s enough in itself.  And for all you grandparents out there, I will assure you, after one episode, your grandkids will ask for more, never noticing the show is in black and white.  Well, it’s time to go see how much trouble Ed can cause Wilbur.  I hope dear reader you do the same.  You do know….it’s time to “Take a Break”.

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Retired produce shipper. Loves God, Elvis, Dallas Cowboys and Alfred Hitchcock. My husband and I love to travel and are involved in conservative politics. I enjoy cooking and entertaining friends and family. We have nine grandchildren and a yard full of wonderful dogs.

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