Take a Break

If you need to take a break from this seasons’ political massacre, I have just what the doctor ordered.  A show I began watching when I was a mere preteen.  “Mr. Ed” will tickle your funny bone and bring a genuine smile to your face.  I discovered this charming program in reruns on Hallmark Channel a few months back and started recording and saving episodes on my dvr.  Bill and I watch together and can’t help but feel anything except lighthearted after each one.  Ed, a striking palomino, even in black and white.  Wilbur Post, the only human Ed has deemed worthy of talking to, is really quite the opposite.  Just when you think Ed can’t cause any more trouble for Wilbur, well think again.  This wonderful show aired from 61′ to 66′ and stared a beautiful palomino named Bamboo Harvester.  His baritone voice was provided by Allan Lane, a B-movie cowboy whose only claim to fame was in being the husband Barbara Bel Geddes murders in an episode of “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” titled “Lamb to the Slaughter”.  Alan Young played Wilbur Post, the bumbling architect who, by the by, never seems to design anything.  Of course you really don’t notice because you are enjoying yourself much to much to question the things that really don’t make sense…..Come on, a talking horse!!  That’s enough in itself.  And for all you grandparents out there, I will assure you, after one episode, your grandkids will ask for more, never noticing the show is in black and white.  Well, it’s time to go see how much trouble Ed can cause Wilbur.  I hope dear reader you do the same.  You do know….it’s time to “Take a Break”.

Picture Please

While in town to vote, I decided to take care of a few errands that had been piling up.  I stopped by the bank to open a CD….Picture ID Please.  Then went by Walmart to pick up a few things, pulled out my credit card…..Picture ID please.  On to Walgreens for prescriptions…..Picture ID Please.  I had lost my library card so I thought as long as I was out and about, why not…..Picture ID Please.  Next stop, liquor store….Picture ID Please.  OK, maybe that’s a stretch, but it did happen back in the day, just don’t ask when that day was.   On to hospital to give my annual blood donation….Picture ID Please.  Finally, the courthouse to vote.  The lawns and sidewalks were littered with people-old, young, men, women of all ethnicity.  They were carrying signs, handing out papers and for the most part, obnoxious.  The signs and papers?  Something to do with the “vile racists policy” of having to show a picture ID to vote.   Now is it just me, or is there something severely wrong with this picture…..please?


While engaging in some idle chatting during a coffee klatch some time back, something remarkable was said.  Although at the time I chalked it up to a “what else is new” attitude, I have decided it needs to be addressed.  Someone, whom shall remain nameless, commented on the American Flag.  How did the flag design come to be?  OK, I’ll bite. “How did it come about”?  I quipped jokingly.  Much to my chagrin, Nameless jumps right in…..”I don’t know, I thought you might”.

Well, dear readers, I can’t remain silent.  I must speak.  If you don’t know how many stripes and why are on the American Flag, if you don’t know why a certain number of stars are stitched boldly on that sea of blue.  If you don’t know who the 16th President was or the 1st for that matter.  If you think The Fourth of July is just another day to party.  That February 22, later changed to the third Monday in February, is for you and yours to stock up on linens.  Do this country a hugh favor……DON’T VOTE!!!  

And dear readers if you think I’m going to give you the answers to the aforementioned, you’re wrong.  Those you will have to ferret out on your own.  That is if you are self motivated enough to do so.  For  those of you that already know the answers….GO VOTE….With my blessing.  Oh, by the by, I don’t even drink coffee.

The Greatest Lie Ever Perpetrated

I know most of you have heard the expression “The greatest lie ever perpetrated”.  Well, the origin of this phrase comes from “the church”.  It is referring to “the greatest lie Satan ever perpetrated on the church was that he did not exist.”  Well, I am here to say, and incidentally have been saying for a while, the greatest lie the democratic party ever perpetrated on the masses is they are here to help them.  If only people would take the time to research the history of our country they might be shocked to find how they have been dubbed.  And might I add, it was done in broad daylight with their eyes wide open.  Not to sound too banal, it was as easy as leading sheep to the slaughter.   If they ever wake up, and I pray each and every day they do, it will be quite an awakening.  Case in point:  It was Democrat Strom Thurmond that filibustered on the Senate floor against the civil rights bill in 1957.  Then there was “good ole” Woodrow Wilson, being the true Democrat he was, decided it would be much better to segregate the federal government. It was at this point in time that the first president of the NAACP denounced Wilson.  And how about that wonderful woman we have all grown to love and cherish, Margaret Sanger.  She and cohort George Bernard Shaw were two like minded thinkers.  Not only did he want to exterminate the people that just weren’t up to his caliber, Margaret, resourceful woman that she was, devised a way to sterilize minorities through her founding of Planed Parenthood.   And how about Republicans Harding and Coolidge denouncement of the KKK by supporting a federal anti-lynching law which repeatedly passed the Republican House but always died in the Democrat controlled Senate.  Oh, and how could anyone forget dear old FDR refusing to have his picture taken with blacks, “Got a love him” don’t you know!!  Don’t forget Frederick Douglass, a runaway slave.  He was quoted as saying  “The Republican Party is the ship and all else is the sea”.  And of course there was Abraham Lincoln, do I really need to say anything about this man, I don’t think so.  His record speaks loud and clear.  That’s one the dems couldn’t hide.  You must educate and arm  your children and grandchildren with the knowledge of our true history.  The good,  the bad and the ugly, but the truth nonetheless.  Just as importantly, you must unteach the mendacity that is being purported as truth.  Don’t let their young minds be indoctrinated with the prevaricating, liberal, progressive teachers that have infiltrated our schools.   I could go on and on but sometimes I feel no one is listening.  If someone is, would you let me know I’m not alone.  Please do your own homework and educate yourself about this, not always perfect but always amazing, country where it is a privilege, not a right, to live.  COME ON PEOPLE, WAKE UP BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!


What a wonderful treat I woke up to this Saturday morning.  As I always sleep with my TV on, it stands to reason I will wake with the same.  As my senses were just emerging from one of my better fantasizes this AM, I became aware of somewhat familiar, if not recent, dialog.  Yes, it was.  “Soldier in the Rain” with Jackie Gleason and Steve McQueen.  And the dialog of which I speak……”drawers cotton with elastic top”.  I saw this picture when it was released in 1963.  Now as not to give away my age and still stay true, I will only say that in 63 I should not have understood this film completely.  But even at a young age I remember how much I enjoyed this film.  I was definitely a precocious child.  Now, after almost half a century, this picture stands the test of time.  As I watched for the first time in almost 50 years, I understood why I loved this movie.   The dialog, if not cerebral, challenges the viewer to stay alert with it’s snappy timing and adroit nuances.  As for “drawers cotton with elastic top”?  Well, you’ll just have to watch for yourself.  Enjoy

I love Hitchcock, Elvis, Bill and Iceberg Lettuce…..Not necessarily in that order!!

Alfred Hitchcock never received the recognition from critics or his peers that I felt he rightfully deserved.  His films could easily be watched over and over while dissecting each camera angle, sound, dialog or should I emphasize lack of dialog.  He never gratuitously injected sex, violence or language into any of his some 53 films over six decades.  There were consistencies in his work, to be sure.  Many have written and discussed his affinity for, as he coined,  “pure cinema” or the “cool blond”.  But I find the homosexual theme he covertly wove into his work quite fascinating.  Of course there were a few films, “Rope” and “Strangers on a Train” to name two, where the suggestion of sexual preference was more overtly portrayed.  All through “Rear Window” James Stewart’s “Jeff” just can’t get excited about the beautiful Grace Kelly’s “Lisa”.  In fact, Lisa does everything, save a striptease, and keeping in accordance with the Hays Office, to entice Jeff.  Nothing.  Then there is Stewart again in “Vertigo“.  HIs Scotty is a man clearly in his 40’s, never married.  Just a short engagement to Midge durning college, which she called off.  All the while maintaining a friendship more akin to siblings even though she makes no secret of her desire for him.  It’s as if she’s waiting for his decision on his sexuality.  She seems to know what he either doesn’t or won’t accept.  And then of course once you know what to look for, it’s easy to see that Max de Winter is very much homosexual.  You’ll question how you ever missed it.  On that note, “Rebecca”  is the movie I will tackle in the next few days.  Or, knowing how I am, it could be weeks or months.  I have never been known to get in a hurry, it’s just not my style.


Does anyone remember the story of the grasshopper and the ant? Well quite frankly I hadn’t thought of that old story in…….well as to how many years? That’s between me and nobody. Back to my point. For those who aren’t familiar with this children’s tale I will try to bring it down to cliff notes.  And for goodness sake if you don’t know what cliff notes are, well that’s for another day. As I remember the story, the grasshopper is a sort of Rat Pack kind of guy or for you younger generation, Brat Pack. If you are any younger I can’t think of an analogy, just google anything you don’t understand. Back to that fun-loving, party going, man about town, the grasshopper. He knew how to have a good time and was always the life of the party. Enter the ant. It wasn’t that he was a party pooper or stick in the mud, it was more that he looked at life a bit more responsibly. He didn’t feel he had the time to be as laid back as the grasshopper. He was much too busy building his house bigger and stronger while storing up a surplus food supply for his family. Now mind you all this was taking place during the short summer months. And we know, “strike while the iron is hot”—-“a rolling stone gathers no moss”—-“the early bird catches the worm”. By the way what are we suppose to “strike” with that “hot iron”, what’s so wrong with moss, and are worms really “that good”. I do have a tendency to take rabbit trails, but that’s just me. Ok, Ok, Ok back to the story!!! The next thing you know those lazy hazy days of summer are quietly coming to an end. And if summer is ending can winter be far behind. If you are still reading this something tells me you are not only with me, you are probably ahead of me. Yes, the ant is now weathering out the cold winter in his well stocked well-built home while the grasshopper is not only cold and hungry, he is so, in one of the most plentiful country’s in the world. This story takes place in the USA in case you didn’t know. The moral, well we all know what that is, now don’t we. We in this, the greatest country known to man, have become the grasshopper and not the ant. This obvious fact accrued to me this afternoon while watching out my guest house window. Sidebar: While my husband Bill and I were recovering from various aliments at “the turn of the century”. I have so looked forward to being able to use that phrase. Anyway, while we were in our recovery phase our gardener constructed a small animal feeding perch right outside the window we both had visual access too. As we recuperated we were entertained daily by God’s creatures. The birds sang, the squirrels chattered, the deer snorted and so it went. It was quite a sight to behold. Although we didn’t heal any quicker it did make the days feel shorter. Now let’s fast forward eleven years. The original feeder, which was to be temporary has been replaced several times and incidentally gotten bigger. As you see, the animal population has grown to the point that the feeder has to be filled daily as opposed  to weekly back in the beginning.  I remember when we first started feeding, the squirrels always carried the food off, storing it I’m sure. Now they just sit on the window sill and eat right in front of me. Today several were sunbathing on one of the live oaks that stands strong and tall next to the feeder. Their tummies were stuffed and their winter stash, I’m quite sure is not. Oh did I mention the tropical birds? We use to have a large number of species come through on their way to Mexico, not anymore. Oh, I don’t mean they don’t come, I mean they don’t leave. And I do believe they have given out our address to all their relatives via email and twitter.  The deer on the other hand have a more aggressive way. When the feeders aren’t to their liking, well they go after my landscaping, expensive landscaping I might add. Now does any of this behavior have a familiar ring. Sounds like the “Age of Entitlement”. To different degrees of course but there it is none the less. Oh yes, by the way, remember the gestation period for small animals is sometimes days not months. And time to adulthood being months not years. So you see I have my own seventh and eighth generation welfare right outside my window!

Anthony Weiner, Resign!

Anthony, why don’t you be a man and do the right thing for once in your life? First, no matter what you think, you are not by any stretch of the imagination, most women’s idea of a hunk. The last picture any of us want to paint in our fantasy world is “you”!! I didn’t look at the pics simply because I wasn’t in the mood for nausea. You are, sadly, a typical democrat. You do what you want, when you want, the way you want. You deny, deny, deny. Then when you get caught you shrug your shoulders and rub our nose in it and say take it because I’m not leaving and you can’t make me. Tony, resign and resign today! Save the crocodile tears and man up, I reiterate, resign and resign today!

The Weiner Mobile

I expect to see a new bus tour roll out any day now.   The “Anthony” Weiner Mobile.   Instead of an Oscar Meyer hotdog…….well,  you fill in that thought!!  I get a little queasy just thinking about it.  This is just another liberal caught  with his pants down, sorry but I couldn’t resist that one.  And of course the lame stream media are there to aid and abet. Well, let’s wait and see how this plays out.  I will stay on the case!  Just a small sidebar,  is it just me or does Weiner look like his name?

Garnets and Rubys and Kunzite Oh My

I never met a gemstone I didn’t love.  While channel surfing I stumbled on one of many jewelry shopping channels available.  It reminded me of one I use to watch, GemsTV, which had a reverse auction format.  This one hails under the banner of Liquidation Channel.  They too use the reverse auction format.  While I wasn’t quite as entertained by the LC  hosts as the GTV hosts, I decided to give it a go as it were.  During the time I spent with LC, they went from sterling silver accented with agate to 4A tanzanite set in 950 platinum surrounded by substantial diamonds.   Now that is what I call running the gamut.  The prices were better than reasonable.  You just have to sit through the cheesy to get to the best of the best.  Reminds me of what my Pastor always says.  “You have to buy the field to get the treasure”.   Well, that’s to be sure with LC.