I love Hitchcock, Elvis, Bill and Iceberg Lettuce…..Not necessarily in that order!!

Alfred Hitchcock never received the recognition from critics or his peers that I felt he rightfully deserved.  His films could easily be watched over and over while dissecting each camera angle, sound, dialog or should I emphasize lack of dialog.  He never gratuitously injected sex, violence or language into any of his some 53 films over six decades.  There were consistencies in his work, to be sure.  Many have written and discussed his affinity for, as he coined,  “pure cinema” or the “cool blond”.  But I find the homosexual theme he covertly wove into his work quite fascinating.  Of course there were a few films, “Rope” and “Strangers on a Train” to name two, where the suggestion of sexual preference was more overtly portrayed.  All through “Rear Window” James Stewart’s “Jeff” just can’t get excited about the beautiful Grace Kelly’s “Lisa”.  In fact, Lisa does everything, save a striptease, and keeping in accordance with the Hays Office, to entice Jeff.  Nothing.  Then there is Stewart again in “Vertigo“.  HIs Scotty is a man clearly in his 40’s, never married.  Just a short engagement to Midge durning college, which she called off.  All the while maintaining a friendship more akin to siblings even though she makes no secret of her desire for him.  It’s as if she’s waiting for his decision on his sexuality.  She seems to know what he either doesn’t or won’t accept.  And then of course once you know what to look for, it’s easy to see that Max de Winter is very much homosexual.  You’ll question how you ever missed it.  On that note, “Rebecca”  is the movie I will tackle in the next few days.  Or, knowing how I am, it could be weeks or months.  I have never been known to get in a hurry, it’s just not my style.